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Membership Benefits

Connect With People Like You

Build a network and connect with business leaders at some of the world’s most forward-thinking organizations. These are people who understand the internal and external challenges you are facing when it comes to the future of work, and know how to overcome them. Learn what other organizations are doing to make their efforts successful, find out how they are dealing with challenges including employee acquisition and retention, change management, and how to select a software vendor, then chart your own course for success! 
The FOW Community is an opportunity for learning, where we can have open conversations, share experiences and help one another so collectively, we can make a bigger impact on the future of work - in our neck of the woods and in yours.

Access Member Only Resources

Get access to fresh and regularly updated resources created specifically for the FOW Community members. From whitepapers and on-demand webinars and podcasts, to case studies and new research, you won’t find our proprietary resources anywhere else. They are written especially for our members and are designed to help make your collaboration and future of work efforts more successful. Members can suggest and recommend topics for future resources. We do this to ensure that you have access to information and knowledge that is most relevant to you.

Save Time and Money

Learning the right strategies and tactics to execute your collaboration and the future of work efforts doesn’t come cheap. From the cost of joining a webinar, purchasing a white paper, and attending a virtual conference, to hiring a consultancy where the daily rate is anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000+, not everyone has the budget or the inclination to spend the big bucks. And you don’t have to.
With The FOW Community, for what you would pay for a day of consulting, you and several of your team members can get ongoing access to resources and sage advice - for a whole year. This access will not only allow you to engage with us as an objective strategy firm but also with other members, not to mention all the valuable resources you will get access to!

Find Your Missing Link

To receive the same benefits that members of The FOW Community get, you would have to hire a consultancy, buy expensive research reports, crawl the web for case studies and whitepapers that may not be relevant to you, search Twitter to find business leaders to connect and engage with them, and attend events in person – all at a significant cost to not only your budget but your time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 
With The FOW Community, we bring it all to you into one place. The FOW Community is your missing link to the world of collaboration and the future of work. Everything you need in one place at a cost of less than $5 a day.

Build Thought Leadership

One of the primary goals of The FOW Community is to help make you more successful with your future of work initiatives. We’re here to help by facilitating speaking opportunities, creating press opportunities, and co-creating published thought-leadership papers. New opportunities are rolled out regularly. 
The FOW Community also creates a sense of camaraderie where members engage with other members to offer and receive support to further your success. In addition, members can access timely and valuable educational and strategic content that can be applied to your organization’s efforts. Members can also reach out to us and to each other, which means receiving practical advice, ideas and solutions.

In short, the FOW Community will help improve your success rate, speed up your efforts, and make sure that you have all the resources and support you need around the future of work.

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