NYC Forum

The FOW Community is delighted to invite FOW Community Members to:

at Cisco Systems | 6th Floor, One Penn Plaza, New York, NY, 10119

The FOW Community: Future of Work Fall Forum is an intimate opportunity and a no-charge event for FOW Community members who are committed to establishing business strategies today that will address the complex issues organizations will face tomorrow, and future-proof their existence.

The forum will offer our members the opportunity to converge and learn from, engage, and exchange ideas with noted business leaders and each other.

The agenda will focus on themes that will move you to rethink the future of work. You will gain unique insights in business strategy, how to navigate change, and how to re-work work.

We have some excellent speakers lined up for the event:

To find out more about our speakers, read their bios here.

View our Agenda

Special Tours:

Cisco Customer Experience Center Tour

We'll be visiting the New York City Center where you'll partake in interactive demonstrations and discussions with Cisco industry and technology experts to see how an intelligent network can transform your business.

You'll learn about:

  1. SMART LIGHTING and SMART+CONNECTED BUILDINGS. In the future, buildings will sense a lot of things about their use and adapt on the fly, lighting will be smart in the sense that it'll change the mood of a space based on how it is being used.
  2. The latest Immersive TelePresence room and will blow your minds with the realism this sort of system brings to distributed meetings. Learn how to think about how this sort of tech can connect some the major hubs of a business across the globe.
  3. Go on a tour of collaborative spaces (meeting rooms) and personal focus areas. Think about what technology is important to support small agile teams and what sort of tools are given to workers.

IBM Watson Client Experience Center

We have been invited to a tour of IBM's Watson, a groundbreaking technology platform that represents a new era of computing based on its ability to interact in natural language, process vast amounts of Big Data to uncover new patterns and insights, and learn from each interaction.

IBM Watson headquarters is located in the heart of Manhattan's Silicon Alley. It's a one-of-a-kind experience center that offers visitors an interactive, real-time collaborative environment.

To join this event, members sign up in the community to request access to this event. The tour is limited to 20 members.

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Did you miss our Spring event in San Francisco? You can learn more about the Agenda and Speakers.

Watch our video to find out what business leaders had to say about the Future of Work Forum, San Francisco.

The FOW Community's Future of Work Forum, held in San Francisco on April 29 was an opportunity for our members to converge and learn from, engage, and exchange ideas with noted business leaders and with each other. We turned the camera on some of our speakers and our members and, in this video, asked them what they thought about the future of work and the FOW Community Spring Forum.

FOWC Forum - San Francisco - Spring'15 from FOW Community on Vimeo.

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