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Groups and Discussions

Organizational Culture

52 members

An open group that explores what organizations can do to help employees and managers/leaders get to a desired state by changing behavior.

Talent Management, HR & Employee Experience

44 members

A group dedicated to exploring human resources, talent management, and the overall employee experience. This is a fascinating area that is starting to evolve and it's one of the most exciting roles within organizations today!

All Things Collaboration

40 members

An open group for members to discuss all things related to collaboration including strategy design, change management, implementation plans, evaluating and selecting vendors and developing governance. 

Engagement & Happiness

37 members

An open group to reflect upon the widespread engagement issues at companies with special focus on small and big ways to improve engagement and happiness. 

Thought Leadership Opportunities

34 members

The group consist of members who will participate in thought leadership opportunities. Your contributions will introduce new ways of thinking that will significantly impact the workplace, and which you will be credited with. 

The opportunities include: 

  • Authoring jointly created and collaborative eBooks
  • Providing input into and quotes within articles, blog posts 
  • Providing SME quotes in the media
  • Participating in public-facing webinars
  • Speaking at industry events
  • Contributing to our The FOW Community Insights, a quarterly publication where will we share innovative ideas and best practices that will fuel business growth. We’ll discuss and reflect on the biggest stories of the last three months and publish other features.
  • And more to be announced!

Together, let's support each other in order to position ourselves and our organizations as catalysts for business growth, as well as for personal and professional growth.


The FOW Community blog


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