So you want to know more about us? Great, then we’ll give it to you in a nutshell.

We are the FOW Community

The Future… a place we are all heading to at mach-10 speed without a seatbelt. Preparing for the future requires a willingness to change and an understanding of what that means and how to do it.

Work… a word that doesn't mean the same thing now as it did just a few years ago. So why are we still using business practices that smell of old moth balls? The “business as usual” model is shifting and leaders need to be ready to tackle the challenge of innovating and embracing a new model of work to create long term business value.

Community… the keyword to success in the modern business world. No one is an island (we’re more like archipelagos). The network that we rely on to get work done is strong because we make it strong. By contributing to the global community, we contribute to our own success.

Our mission… We want to support the global network of business leaders by providing the resources our members need to become educated about the future of work. In short, we know that the more people who are prepared to succeed in the future of work and the more successful companies are and the better that future will be.



To help companies who aren't planning on going the way of the dinosaur, but instead recognize the need to evolve in order to stay competitive.


To provide much needed thought leadership, and educational and strategic content related to the future of work.


To plug companies into the global idea network, enabling the world’s most progressive and forward-thinking companies to share best practices, challenges, and strategies.


To prepare leaders who know what challenges the future is bringing and how to face them.


Connie Chan

Connie is the Cofounder of The FOW Community, a peer-to-peer brand network dedicated to exploring the future of work and consisting of the world’s most forward thinking organizations. She cofounded the FOW Community to enable and facilitate the transfer and sharing of knowledge related to future of work trends. Until recently, Connie was Principal and Cofounder of Chess Media Group, a management consultancy focused on enterprise collaboration and the future of work. She spent six years helping companies understanding how the convergence of culture and technology can drive innovation and business growth, and to prepare for the future workplace. She now draws on over 15 years of marketing, management and consulting experience to lead the business operations, overseeing all strategic initiatives from end-to-end, while continuing to rethink and reinvent the workplace.

Rebecca Daneault

Rebecca has spent the better part of a decade embracing the “future of work” mentality. After spending more than 15 years in the corporate world, she decided to branch out and start her own business as a freelance writer and marketing consultant. Thanks to today’s technology, she has been able to collaborate and work with clients from all over the globe. Rebecca serves as Community Leader for the FOWC, through which she connects with and provides support to its many diverse members, something she thrives on. She also contributes to the community in various capacities, including the creation of white papers, research studies and other resources.

Trisha Zec

Trisha is our cracker-jack Community Engagement Leader at The FOW Community. She is here to help members make the most of their experience, both within the community and outside of the community. She recently began telecommuting this year and has embraced the benefits of work flexibility and its importance in her future of work. Trisha’s background is in the medical field where, like now, she has always supported people, be they an executive, a team, or an entire community, inspiring change, improving processes and promoting innovation. She is currently completing her education, specializing in Data Science, which will help her take a quantitative approach to develop business insights, drive business decisions, and solve business problems for people and businesses.

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