Take this short test and find out!

1. You are asked to provide an overview of your organization's annual objectives as they relate to collaboration. Realistically, you can provide...

2. Pick the answer that is most accurate. Managers at my organization…

3. The people who collaborate at my organization are…

4. If asked about collaboration technology at your organization, the answer closest to the truth would be...

5. Which of the following is true about collaboration at your organization?

6. Does your company have a strategic vision for incorporating collaboration?

7. Employees at my organization…

8. I think that my organization is (pick the answer that fits best)…

9. If I needed to learn about collaboration at my company, I could…

10. Which of the following groups have adopted collaboration at your organization and are using it? Select all that apply.

11. Fill in the blank. I can ____ the value that collaboration has for our company.


We assess that your organization is currently unaware of collaboration techniques. Does this mean you don’t play nicely with others? Absolutely not, it just means that your company hasn’t yet considered the benefits of collaboration. The great news is that you are in a fantastic position to introduce collaboration at your company. In fact, you stand to gain the most from our Future of Work community, as we can give you the from-the-ground-up steps to developing your vision for collaboration, and building an incredible collaborative community. As Mark Twain wrote, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”


We assess that your organization is aware of collaboration techniques and is exploring their value. You are Indiana Jones standing in front of the golden idol, measuring how best to reach out and snag it. You’ve probably seen some of the benefits of collaboration, but you aren’t sure if it is appropriate for your organization or if implementing it is feasible. That’s what the Future of Work community is going to help you discover, and we’ll show you how to make collaboration a reality without hurting your current business practices.


We assess that your organization has defined what collaboration can do for it and has a vision for what this looks like. If you’re feeling any twangs of pressure in your chest or having trouble sleeping at nights, don’t worry; that’s normal for this stage. The defined organization is in a tough spot: it can no longer ignore the benefits of collaboration, but the work still needs to get done in order to actually implement it. That’s where our community comes in. Here you will find the guides you need in order to construct a strong implementation plan and bring collaboration to your company without a hitch.


We assess that your organization is in the process of fully adopting collaborative techniques. You’ve done a lot of work to get to this stage and now you’re in the uncomfortable position of waiting for the baby to be born. You still have to assess how employees are receiving the new policies, have to find ways to quantify the benefits you know collaboration has, and be ready to tweak and touch up your practices as needed. Does this feel like uncharted territory? Don’t worry, it’s not. You aren’t the only (nor the first) company in these waters. Our community is going to connect you all with each other, and give you maps to the buried treasure.


Congratulations! We assess that you are an adaptive organization, putting you at the peak level of performance where collaboration is concerned. Your company not only uses collaborative techniques, but is always improving on them. We hope you’ll enjoy our community and share your experiences with others who could benefit from the knowledge. In return, we’ll provide you with a direct line to the latest techniques and tools, that you will definitely be interested in considering for use at your company.

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